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TK1968+49 • This is not a SA☼✌☺EVO T-Shirt

Das verschwundene Paradies / The lost paradise

sa-raj-evo shirt

The picture above does not show a Sarajevo T-Shirt. We do not produce Sarajevo T-Shirts at all nor do we advertise for Sarajevo T-Shirts. If you want to buy a Sarajevo T-Shirt then you have to google for Sarajevo T-Shirts, but we recommend, instead of googling for Sarajevo T-Shirts, you better duckduckgo for organic fair trade Sarajevo T-Shirts, otherwise you may get a Sarajevo T-Shirt which was made under questionable circumstances and at the end you will not have fun at all with your beloved Sarajevo T-Shirt! (the model above is Austrian, male and does not wear a organic fair trade Sarajevo-T-Shirt in the size of M)

PS: NO, since we do not sell Sarajevo T-Shirts at all, we also do not sell Sarajevo T-Shirts with a female cut – don’t ask again!

SArajEVO without paradise here

with(out) paradise here

inspired by those posts (no reality check was undertaken (fake news? who cares?)):,
The city whose name I cannot mention (